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12 Signs to being on the road to Burnout

Burnout does not happen over a short time. It can be a process that happens over months or even years.

We will have times when we feel low in energy, feel a bit down, it’s hard to get out of bed or just frustrated and overwhelmed. But when these times are virtually every day and you feel trapped and on a hamster wheel of never ending looking after everyone else, you could be on the road to burnout.

The damaging consequences of burnout can leak over into all areas of your life, business, work, relationships and socially.

The best thing is to stop and reflect and look at the 12 common signs that you might be on this road. Once you do and you think ‘yeah I’m feeling all these regularly’ then we can screech those tyres on the road and reverse the car up and turn it around before you hit the sinkhole of burnout.

There are 4 areas that show that you might be on the road to burnout: the physical, the emotional, the psychological and the spiritual.

Here are 3 common symptoms for each area and there may be many more but these should be a red alert......


· You feel tired and listless all the time

· You get repeated headaches

· You get pain in the muscles


· You feel helpless to get off the hamster wheel

· You feel alone

· You are negative and resentful of those around you


· You don’t feel motivated to do anything

· Overwhelm with simple tasks occurs

· You feel trapped in your life


· You have no purpose

· You’ve lost your passion for life

· You don’t know who you are anymore

The answer isn’t to add more to your ever growing list of things to do.

It’s to take some away.

Be present in the moment.

Reach out to others.

Connect with a group that you are with like-minded people.

Stop being around others that are overly negative.

If you want to join a group of women who about living for today, I have a Facebook group called Adventure School for Women. Come join us here to start reversing the negative effects that the road of burnout might be causing you, your family, your friends, your peers….


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