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10 Reasons Why Bucket Listing Improves Employee Wellbeing

10 Reasons why Bucket Listing can improve employee wellbeing

There’s a lot of employees sleep-walking through their lives and jobs. Living Groundhog Day every day. They are uninspired and disengaged. People are dying at 40 and being buried at 80.

With depression, anxiety, suicides (and youth suicides), the over prescription of anti-depressants and now there’s a thing called the ‘Loneliness Epidemic’ people are disconnected to what’s important to them.

I want them to wake-up before they get given a ‘use-by date’. Before it's too late. I want them to go from existing to living, to stop living by default and start living by design.

A Bucket List is a tangible product that allows you to have a plan, a life plan, career plan….

You can set your goals via your Bucket List around personal/professional development, kindness to other, challenges, expressing yourself and much more.

When you do this with other like-minded people your life can uplevel, you can start living a balanced life of excitement rather than stress, grow as a person, be engaged with what’s happening and building relationships with not only other employees also your family and friends.

The ripple effect is amazing.

Here are 10 reasons why as an employer you will love introducing Bucket Listing to your employees.

1. Increase Resilience

2. Decrease Stress

3. Increase Productivity

4. Better Work/Life Balance

5. Psychological/Emotional Health

6. Personal/Professional Development

7. Team Building

8. Staff Engagement

9. Reduce Absenteeism

10.Job Satisfaction

Increase Resilience - investing in your employees’ happiness will give them a life driven by purpose, meaning and fulfilment, which will mean a better world.

Decrease Stress – Having a solid support system at work can help your employees buffer the negative effect is of job stress. When they have other people with common interests through bucket listing it will expand their network and help deliver immense pleasure which will significantly reduce stress.

Increase Productivity - When employees are working to attain passion and progress in every area of their life, they have the emotional resources to invest in their work. They begin to feel positive, their brain is now free to think, be more creative and better at solving problems. This will lead to a spike in productivity.

Better Work/Life Balance - By creating a Bucket List culture, your organisation acts as a springboard, not a barrier, to achieve one’s wildest dreams and passions. It creates a working environment from which employees don’t need a break, but instead, find their highest self at their workplace.

Psychological/Emotional Health - where your employees feel appreciated and recognised is not only great for their mental and emotional health but will ultimately affect their productivity.

Personal/Professional Development - nurture and retain your talent by providing professional and personal development opportunities to create a mentally healthy environment.

Teambuilding - Encouraging your employees to dream together is a powerful way to engage staff and create stronger teams. They get to know each other outside of work, can team up for mutual bucket list activities, help and support each other in achieving goals, build powerful bonds and develop themselves personally and professionally.

Staff Engagement - When they are working towards something in their lives, they will become engaged in their lives. They will also become engaged in their job.

Reduce Absenteeism - The magic bullet to keep employee’s attendance high lies in the creation of a healthy and happy working environment. Having a proactive team building program that emphasizes the importance of your employees’ individual dreams and desires has proven to immensely decrease staff absenteeism and turnover.

Job Satisfaction - The group dynamics promote a self-reinforcing uplifting environment in which co-workers can mutually support, inspire and help each other to live purposefully, meaningful lives. In addition to that, every employee experiences personal growth on their journey, while ticking off their bucket list. This growth makes them more energized and happy people - inside and outside of the workplace.

So if you are looking for an out-of-the-box type employee wellbeing program think about how a Bucket List Employee Wellbeing Plan would help you and your employees.

Who wouldn't want a fun, energised and productive workforce around them.


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