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Our daily work makes up a huge part of our lives.  We spend almost a third of our entire lifetime at work.  Meaning that at the end of the day, there’s not much time left to work on our own goals, meet new people or pursue our personal passion.


We need to change that around so that we live with happiness, to be fulfilled, to create meaningful bonds and be creative.


One way of doing this, and that I am completely passionate about, is having an Adventure List or Bucket List.


When you do the less predictable thing, you surprise yourself and this is an adventurous attitude. When you get excited about trying something different or giving something a go, you are embracing adventure.


To start your Adventure List journey, I have put together 101 Inspirational Adventures. I consulted with some people to see what inspirational adventures to them would be, that give them life, that create excitement, that bring out the inner adventure goddess within.


I hope you enjoy it, as this was an awesome experience and I would love you to start ticking off some as you go along and get that free spirit and sparkly-eyes back into your life and live your heart’s desire.

Thank You! 101 Inspirational Adventures are on the way to you!! If you would like to be part of a community of adventurers go to my

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