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Here is a list of 101 Inspirational Adventures I have collated with contributions from friends, clients and family. 

  1. Go on a Goddess Retreat

  2. Learn to belly dance

  3. Swim at the bottom of a serene waterfall

  4. Buy a red dress and fancy shoes

  5. Walk the neighbourhood with a camera, notice new things

  6. Attend an Elvis Festival

  7. Go on a picnic with the full picnic set and blanket

  8. Attend a photo exhibition

  9. Have a professional boudoir photo shoot

  10. Try Indoor Skydiving

  11. Kiss in the rain

  12. Go Glamping

  13. Volunteer to hold babies in a hospital

  14. Write your memoir

  15. Attend an open-air concert

  16. Go roller blading

  17. See the wildflowers in Western Australia

  18. Do Yoga in the park at Sunset

  19. Become a Waste Warrior – pick up rubbish and notice your environment

  20. Ride a rollercoaster

  21. Go to a nudist camp

  22. Start a Women’s Adventure Meetup in your local area

  23. Go on a long-distance walking trail with a friend

  24. Have breakfast with a dear friend

  25. Dress in sexy lingerie

  26. Learn to cook Japanese food

  27. Do survival training

  28. Ride a mechanical bull

  29. Plan and go on a Date Night with your special person

  30. Hula Hoop with some friends

  31. Have a children themed birthday party

  32. Sleep under the milky way and star gaze

  33. Go to or host an art class

  34. Participate in the 1000 cranes project

  35. Ride a zip line

  36. Do an obstacle course challenge

  37. Visit a castle

  38. Go on a spontaneous road trip

  39. Dye your hair a crazy colour

  40. Jump into a pool fully clothed

  41. Take a selfie on top of a mountain

  42. Learn to make the perfect Gin cocktail

  43. Sunbathe topless

  44. Attend a Hawaiian Luau

  45. Have a Girls weekend of fun and relaxation

  46. Attend a laser light or fireworks show

  47. Drink vodka at an Ice Bar

  48. Hire a Personal Shopper for a day

  49. Draw your own mandala

  50. Skinny dip in the ocean

  51. Bake a cake for your special someone

  52. Make your own Oracle cards

  53. Be a beach bum for a day

  54. Go bike riding

  55. Get a tattoo of your star sign

  56. Join a book club

  57. Go on a hot air balloon ride

  58. Train for and run a ½ marathon

  59. Get windswept at the beach

  60. Photo bomb someone’s photo

  61. See a sunset in a country you haven’t been to before

  62. Own a Pro Hart painting

  63. See an iceberg

  64. Go to a Kitefest

  65. Sleep in a haunted hotel

  66. Visit and enjoy rummaging around in an antique shop

  67. Elope and get married

  68. Rock up to a life drawing course

  69. Ride in a helicopter

  70. See a musical

  71. Step foot in every country in the world

  72. Fire Walk

  73. Have a pub lunch in Scotland

  74. Sleep in a swag in the desert

  75. Shark diving

  76. Sing in public

  77. Look after exchange students for a week

  78. Have a Golf lesson

  79. Lie in the grass at a park 

  80. Take a mystery flight

  81. Go on a cruise

  82. Spend a night by candlelight

  83. Tandem Paraglide

  84. Have a tarot reading

  85. Explore a rainforest

  86. Ride a tandem bicycle with your best friend

  87. Do a bridge climb

  88. Write yourself a letter

  89. Stomp on wine grapes

  90. Go on a houseboat holiday

  91. Take your girlfriends to High Tea

  92. Get glammed up for a Gala

  93. Go on a Trike Tour

  94. Apply to be on a game show or reality TV

  95. Enjoy whale watching

  96. Attend a photography course

  97. Learn to stand up paddleboard or surf

  98. Pick wild berries and bake a pie with them

  99. Run through the sprinklers

  100. Visit the old haunts when you were a child/teenager

  101. Help someone else check something off their Adventure List

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