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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 156

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Creativity at Work

Susan Hamilton Meier is a brand strategist and visual artist and the founder of Susan Meier Studio.

She is on a mission to dispel the myth that creativity and strategy are at odds to help business leaders electrify their work and amplify their impact. 

Susan has developed a unique point of view that is driven by the merger of analytical and creative thinking.

She’s designed a set of processes and tools that get teams to problem-solve more creatively, helping them define their mission, vision, and differentiators with clarity and bring their brands to life in the world.

She has gravitated toward healthcare, which offers up the exciting challenge of finding creative solutions for some of the most complex problems out there today. 

Susan holds a BA in art history from Dartmouth and an MBA from Harvard. Her own creative output includes paintings, sculptures, jewellery and children. 

We talk about the benefits of creativity at work and how it can lead you to being a unicorn in your industry.



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