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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 179

From Chaos to Peace

Living on acreage with a menagerie of animals Conny Graf is not your typical bookkeeper/accountant/controller and clutter clearing muse. 

She's known to be a fast thinker, very loyal, sometimes too honest, and always non-judgmental.

She blends being clutter-free, organized, and structured with her genial ability to see past the surface issues.

Conny doesn't just show you a cookie-cutter solution, she goes deeper and explores with you what the best way is for you and your situation.

Together you will declutter, organize and set up systems and habits that will transform your life, business, and finances and will prevent clutter, chaos and overwhelm from creeping back in.

Down to earth, often with hay in her hair and a coffee in hand, she will guide you on your journey from chaos to peace with ease.



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