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How to Break Free

When it comes to creative blockages it is about our negative or limiting beliefs and our fears.

If you are creatively blocked it is because you feel safer that way, you may not be happy but at least you know where you are. You have a fear of the unknown so when this fear is crippling, you will stay stuck or blocked so you do not have to address the unknown. This stifles our creative urges.

When we are young we are creative, we are children so being creative is how we explore our boundaries, our environment and learn. As we grow older our parents or society or school or religion or culture tell us we cannot do well in life if we continue on the creative route so we are compelled to go into ‘safe’ jobs, safe areas of living and we can lose our zest for living.

Unfortunately, you might feel like there is something missing in life, you are never truly happy or you do not find your passion for life. You constantly think that there is something more out there but you cannot put your finger on it.

When daydreaming you might wish you could do painting full time, play piano, write your book or whatever it is you dream about. But you do not tell anyone for fear they will think it is silly, crazy, dumb, selfish or putting your family in jeopardy. These are our beliefs that hold us back. They are not facts.

I never thought that I would have my own business spreading my message to magnificent women all around the world. This was a combination of many negative beliefs holding me back stemming from when I was a child. I was told constantly you are not the creative type; you should go to university, that doing environmental studies would not work out as it was not a true career. A good job was an accountant, a secretary, in the bank, in the government – this sounded like a death sentence to me.

Now I am writing books, creating for my business, living an aspirational life, all because I got through the negativity and the blocks and addressed my beliefs and my mindset.

I gave myself permission to learn, to be creative (even it was poor to start with). I persisted and now my belief is that I am creative in all areas of my life.

I addressed the thoughts of: it is too late, I am too old for that now, I want enough money behind me, my family will think me crazy, creativity is a luxury I do not have.

I now believe:

I am balanced

I am creative

I am strong

I am inspirational

I am living an aspirational life

Some ways you can start reducing or removing the blockages are:

Journaling every day – writing down whatever comes to mind

Create positive affirmations or mantras

Become conscious of your limiting beliefs

Create new beliefs

Play with children

Remove or reduce time with negativity (and negative people)

Start small and allow your first creative urge to be crap, keep going

Clear out some space for just you

The biggest thing that you can drop, to stop putting up barriers in your life, to stop being trapped, is to stop the excuses and blame. To take responsibility for your life and what happens in it.

I believe that I am 100% responsible for my life and what happens in it.

This statement can cause some people to start pushing back because they say that how can that possibly be true, crap happens to us all the time and it is not our fault.

When we empower ourselves by believing that we can control our responses to everything that goes on we get the results we are looking for.

When we use excuses, we lose our control and become disempowered and let life happen to us. We have barriers to living a happy life, a balanced life, a life full of joy, fun and adventure.

Common excuses are: I don’t have time because of the kids, I’m too old, I don’t have the money, the car hit me and they caused it, my spouse held me back, my boss didn’t listen to me, my parents caused me to be like this, the school I went to did not support me and on the external blame goes.

You are a victim of your own life. You are living below the line.

When you use excuses and justifications for why you are not happy, you give your power away so you do not create the life you really want.

My excuses were around: my husband was hopeless with money, my daughter always believes her father, I’m too busy working to do what I want to do, my parents caused me to be an introvert, other people only look out for themselves.

This limited my world. I then lived with no power over my decisions, no choices.

I was continually blaming and complaining about the world. I kept experiencing the negative world I was complaining about.

In order to turn my life around, I decided to choose to take responsibility for my life. I stopped blaming people, I stopped looking for solutions that were external and concentrated on what I could control. I looked inside to see how I was creating the world I was living in with my thoughts, images and behaviours.

Once I did this the quality of my relationships, experiences, success and health, improved dramatically.

I dropped the self-judgement, the self-blame and focused on understanding myself and the choices I have in any given circumstances. Once I had this then my choices were many, the possibilities endless and the opportunities outstanding.

So, stop blaming the weather, the economy, the government, your spouse, your boss, your peers at work, the school system, the media, family…. take responsibility for your life.

Imagine what your life could hold or be like by taking responsibility, stopping the excuses, stopping the blaming and focusing on what you can control. You will be living above the line.

Once I dropped the excuses I focused on what was really important to me. Knowing what I valued in life and living by those values made my choices open up, confident decision making became quicker and I felt empowered in living my life.

Break out and break free from your small life of being stuck and trapped. All the magic is outside the box.


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