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Are You Confident?

I became confident in my abilities as I had self–belief, belief I was worthy to put myself out there. I value the person who I am, so I am assured of my ability to make great decisions and take responsibility for my actions.

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

– Henry Ford

I love this quote. For so long I thought I couldn’t, so I didn’t. When I decided that I can if I choose to, I became more confident in myself, I was more willing to take risks, I stood up for my beliefs and spreading my message.

When women do not have self confidence, they can be uncomfortable in setting boundaries, be jealous of others, blame others if things do not work out, they are unwilling to be vulnerable and put themselves out there and they do not admit when they are wrong.

The structure of confidence is when you have self-belief (you believe you can), self value or self-worth (do you add value to yourself and others) and you are self-assured (you stick with it because you know you can do it).

If you do not have self-confidence then your self-worth goes down, you have limited self-belief or beliefs that do not serve you and you give up on life and what you want to succeed in.

The Psychology Online Dictionary defines Self-Confidence as – 1. Our self-assurance in trusting our abilities, capacities and judgements. 2. the belief that we can meet the demands of a task. To be confident on what I have done is okay.

This is the Structure of Confidence that successful people have. They are the ones that are confident in their leadership skills, trust their abilities, have positive language or articulate what they want clearly, are self-sufficient and are assertive with what they want.

Becoming self-confident is attainable and will lift your life out of the drudgery, the fear, the hiding of your true self.


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