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How to work out what Exercise suits you!


Whether you are looking to add movement to your daily routine, feel the benefits of exercise, release weight, become healthier or whatever the reason, you need to find something that you enjoy and fits in with your lifestyle.


There are lots of types of exercises or movement activities.  Pick one and start with it, if it does not sing to you, pick another one.  As long as you move you will feel better physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.


Keep it different; don’t do the same thing over and over.  Your body gets used to that and the benefits diminish.


Understand that your behaviour type can affect what type of exercise you like and whether you like fast paced, slow paced, high impact or low impact.


See the suggestions over, start with one that seems attractive to you and go from there.  Keep it fresh by not getting stuck with one type of exercise. 


High Impact


High-impact exercise typically involves more direct force on the body, including everything from contact sports like football, to running and gymnastics.


Too much high-impact exercise may place excessive strain on the body and may even wear down muscles over time, possibly leading to repetitive stress injuries.


Low Impact


Low-impact exercise (think swimming, yoga, and using the elliptical, movements that involve less direct force on the body) is done in a softer gear, placing less stress on the body and potentially reducing the risk of injury.


Incorporating both high- and low-impact exercises is a great way to get a more rounded workout.


High Intensity | Fast Paced


High intensity or fast pace is when you are moving at a higher speed than walking, you may be puffing, exerting more.


At lower intensities of exercise, muscles burn a higher percentage of fat than carbohydrate, but not necessarily more total fat, or more total calories, than at higher intensities.


Low Intensity | Slow Paced


Low intensity or at a slow pace is when you are sure footed and can exercise without exerting yourself too much.

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