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Thu, 24 Oct



Balance Workshop | Redcliffe | 1 Day

Give yourself the opportunity to release the sparkly-eyed goddess. Teaching you about the possibilities that life can hold for you by discovering what you truly desire and how to get it. This is essential for your personal and professional evolution so you can unlock your magnificence.

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Balance Workshop | Redcliffe | 1 Day
Balance Workshop | Redcliffe | 1 Day

Time & Location

24 Oct 2019, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Redcliffe, Redcliffe QLD 4020, Australia

About the Event

Learn the steps to revitalising yourself through True Balance

This workshop gives you the opportunity to release the sparkly-eyed goddess within.  It will teach you about the possibilities that life can hold for you by discovering want you truly desire and how to get it.  This will be essential for your personal and professional evolution so you can unlock your magnificence.

Living with balance will mean you can be centred, grounded and sure-footed going forward with whatever life may bring and you will become fully aware of who you are, how to live in the present and become open to the joy of being you.

Life is not one particular experience but many and is about ongoing growth and discovering the pleasure and happiness of the journey.  It grows out of genuine curiosity, individuality, wisdom and strength.

Balance Workshops can lead you to a whole new world of freedom and options to live how you wish to live. 

You can become a leader of women who is strong, independent and glorious in your spirit.

Who Should Attend

All women who have that stirring that there is more to life, that wish to discover the joy of living with balance and that want to blossom into the sparkly-eyed goddess that is within.

We support Courageous, Committed, Unique Women to fulfill their dream and vision of breaking out and blossoming and to be sparkly eyed goddesses in both their personal and professional lives.

Are you sick of what society tells us we have to be like?

Do you want to get off the hamster wheel and just enjoy the moment?

Do you want to be happy with who you are and what you do?

Have you tried different personal development strategies and they just don’t last?

Then Leanne Blaney is your answer.  She delivers stirring and inspiring programs that allow you to walk away with absolute clarity of who you are and how to live your life feeling strong, centred and sure-footed.

Leanne is an expert in understanding people and what makes them tick.  She ensures you are able to develop skills and strategies to be motivated to live an extraordinary life.

So, if you want to:

  •    Discover the sparkly eyed goddess within.
  •    Learn that you are in control of your life and where it goes
  •    Uncover the joy of living with balance in a world of chaos.
  •    Create a life that sings to you.
  •    Understand that you are beautiful inside and out
  •    Bring Balance to your Life then read on......

​Workshop Outline

NOTE:  This outline is for the full 3 Day program and that the other options will be a shortened version of this outline.


The program will introduce you to personal development and the underlying causes for your behaviour that are holding you back from achieving the life of your dreams.

A frequently identified issue in our personal and professional lives is the misalignment between the you that is presenting to the outside world and the you that is inside.

Session 1 | Welcome

This session will set the scene to welcome you, free yourself of what’s holding you back and set an intention for the workshop.

Underlying this self-discovery are several fundamental principles which we go through in each session.

Session 2 | What is Balance

Do you know what true balance really is? 

Find out if you are living above or below the line.  In order to change your life to one of balance it is important to know that you need to take personal accountability for living above the line to create a strong, resilient and centred version of you.

You will be empowered to make more key choices in life.

Session 3 | Being Brave

Are you brave enough to step outside your comfort zone to find the magic?

You will understand what it takes to do things differently and have rich life experiences.

Knowing where and why you feel comfortable or uncomfortable gives you ideas of what you might need or want to change.

Session 4 | How to Break Out and Break Free

Knowing how to Break Out and Break Free of what is keeping you trapped is essential. 

Here we will focus on what is limiting your world so you can become aware of the possibilities and opportunities ready to be discovered.

It is important that you clearly understand that past experiences and conditioned beliefs determine the choices and risks that you currently take.  You will be able to transform your life with new, serving beliefs and eliminate any limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.


This part of the program will help you understand how to live in alignment, to change your philosophy on life and how to blossom as you go on your life journey.

Session 1 | Living True to You

This session will help you discover the real you and what is important to you to be able to live in alignment, be strong and assertive and flourish in your true goddess spirit.

Examine what is important and how to use your Blueprint to Happiness by discovering your values. 

You will be able to live in alignment, make better and quicker decisions and understand how important living your values is.

You will also be participating in the Tree of Life exercise, which will allow you to look for connections that you may not have realised about yourself.  You will then use this information to build an exciting pathway forward.

Session 2 | How to Boost Yourself

This session will engage the senses, so you learn how to naturally and resourcefully boost yourself on a daily basis.

Using your key sense as well as other senses allows you to resourcefully boost yourself when you are feeling a bit flat or things are not going your way.  Your life will be more appealing and radiant once you are using the benefits of all the senses.

Having your life philosophy “if it’s to be, it’s up to me” is essential in growth as a person. 

You will learn the Locus of Control philosophy, so that you have the ability to make things happen and you can get back, up to around 40% of your time and energy using one key principal.

Session 3 | Blossoming

Discover how you will move into a woman who is blossoming as she grows and learn how to be assertive to bring more joy and fun into your life.

You will learn how to say no and stand up for something without being aggressive or opinionated.

Session 4 | Achieving the Life you Want

Uncover how to know your self-worth and to believe in yourself, allowing the sparkly-eyed goddess to appear.

When you do not have self-confidence, you can be uncomfortable setting boundaries or be unwilling to be vulnerable and put yourself out there.  This model will explain that whether you think you can or think you can’t, it will be true.


This part of the program will give you key strategies to implement going forward in your life.  You will improve the way you communicate, how you use your energy and use your time. 

We now examine how essential self-love is for you to radiate in this world.  You will learn about being self-aware so that you can be in control of your emotions and behaviours proactively rather than reacting to events.

Session 1 | Bringing Lightness to your life | Learning is Growing

This session will be adding lightness to your life by adding spontaneity and increasing your resilience.  You will also learn about continual learning as key to your growth as a gorgeous woman of purpose.

How resilient you are will depend on how you react to challenges and chaos in your world.  Learn what is taking up your time that is depleting your resilience.

You will enter into the 10% as an Activated Life Long Learner, where you will switch on and become proactive with your personal, emotional, spiritual and professional development.  You will learn to love to learning once again.

Then you will discover how to set your priorities with powerful time management processes and practices.  You will be able to manage competing priorities, schedule in time for yourself and identify time stealers.

Session 2 | How to Love Yourself

This session emphasises the importance of loving yourself and how your self-talk can negatively affect your life and your ability to connect fully and deeply with others.  When you truly love yourself without judgement, you can love others without judgement.  Learn how to appreciate everything about you.

Session 3 | Taking Action to Awaken You and Compassion

This session introduces how to become emotionally and self-aware.  You will discover how your emotions drive your behaviour and can be a negative or positive impact.  You will also learn how to be part of the 1% who set goals successfully.

You will receive valuable insights and strategies that will enable you to improve the way you communicate with yourself and others by understanding emotions.  Uncover the secrets to Self-awareness | Self-Management | Social Awareness | Relationship Management and increase your emotional intelligence in the process.

Session 4 | Evolving | Energy is all around Us

This session will demonstrate your evolution over the workshop and you will make a commitment to yourself to continue your journey before you part with grace, generosity and sparkle.

You will have learnt the importance of developing clear and powerful goals to be in the 1% of the population who are successful by having well-defined goals, writing them down and reviewing them daily.


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