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It’s the same old story every time, isn’t it?

You struggle and sacrifice to release those unwanted kilos, but, in no time at all, it seems you’ve gained back the weight you lost and more,

even though you did everything right! 

That’s just not fair!

What is the problem? What are you missing?

What’s standing between you and the ideal body of your dreams?




Yes, so often it’s our own negative mindset that’s in the way, those limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviour patterns.


We can do everything right on the outside, eat nutritiously, exercise religiously but if feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, and self-defeat are holding us back on the inside..,

trying to make the desired change just doesn’t work.



Right here, right NOW!!

Leanne gives practical, realistic support to ensure that you stay on track with your health and fitness goals and build habit change in small increments.

You are set up to succeed.

I've already dropped a clothing size!

I'm now far more aware of looking after my body properly. I highly recommend Leanne as a health and fitness mentor."

Lisa Stallard -Empowering Feminine Mentor.

Join Neuro Change Master Practitioner,

Leanne Blaney

for the new, life-changing

 “Become the Star You Really Are

Celebinar Series

for extraordinary people who’ve decided they deserve more

than ordinary lives.

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Renew You - Body By Belief

Consciously Creating That Ideal YOU


Be there for this innovative online look at transforming your current body into the strong, sleek, healthy, pain-free premier piece of biological engineering it’s meant to be, a body that’s the perfect size for you!

You’re not broken. Nothing needs to be fixed.

It’s matter of changing perspectives.


When I started coaching with Leanne to regain my previous level of fitness, I was not sure what to expect. With 3 businesses, a family and study, it was fair to say I was overwhelmed with everything on my plate. From the first session, Leanne helped me to create goals and set tasks in a way that did not add to the already long to-do list. The further we progressed, the more I could feel my mindset shift. Leanne helped me get past my major setback: the feeling of failing.


Together, we address the issues that are roadblocks to your results, and build the miracle mindset you need to…

consciously create your ideal you.


Why have all your previous efforts failed to leave you with permanent positive results?

There’s one key component of the process you haven’t been considering:

optimizing the power of your brain’s inner workings and using that to your advantage. It’s only then your positive results are rapid and laser-focused.




Having participated in programs before with a message that ‘failure is not an option’, it has been exceptionally helpful to have Leanne setting me up with strategies that are designed to help me achieve my goals for the long term. The advice provided is tailored to my needs. I highly recommend Leanne as a coach; her approach and techniques have really changed my mindset and my life!


How do you break your unhelpful behaviour patterns and permanently achieve your desired weight loss goals?


The time to take action is here!


 Finally, an effective solution that goes right to the core of the problem and creates lasting change at a neuro-scientific level.


Leanne guides you to use the formidable power of your mind to replace negative self-perceptions and success-sabotaging habits with new

life-enhancing actions.

When you align your revitalized way of thinking,

achieving your weight release goal

becomes as natural as breathing.


In this impactful, life-changing learning experience, you will walk away with deeper insights into:

  • the all-encompassing power of the right mindset

  • the importance of confidence, optimism, self-belief & forgiveness

  • recognizing natural, automatic habits

  • Connecting back with yourself & taking 100% responsibility

  • Understanding the Wheel of Health & Wellbeing

Other techniques can be hit and miss but because this neuro-change method engages your brain’s inner workings to your advantage, your positive results are rapid and laser-focused.


A recent study of individuals wanting to lose weight showed that self- belief was strongly associated with corresponding weight loss success. The more an individual believed in their own ability to lose weight, the more weight they lost.

So take that conscious leadership of your life.

Join forces with Leanne Blaney, your catalyst for intentional change and self-mastery.


Body By Belief

Consciously Creating that Ideal You


Your transformation is before you.

Let go of those false truths presenting as excuses that hold you back.

No time, no money, no motivation.     


You CAN focus on your wellbeing and move forward.


You WILL restore your belief in yourself.


Learn the power of your mind to create success.

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